How to move a classic local commerce to the cloud without losing their main values? Orixe da ría does.


Founders of Orixe


Branding, Web


December 2020

Providers of fresh seafood and fish from the best Spanish region, the Rías Gallegas. 

Orixe means Origin in Galician. This word appeals to the main value of their product, that also is seal of quality. The visual identity is based on this concept.


Co-designed with Pablo Piñero. Main target of branding is to differentiate from similar companies that already have online commerce. 

This process is also reflected in the website and e-commerce.

Cloud & Web

Intelligent website designed to incentivize purchase. Its main virtue is to always show the freshest and most recently bought products from the fish market. Customers can get different prices depending on the state of the product.
In addition, it takes advantage of the customer’s visit to show him the culture and variety of the Galician fish world.e