Aro Prototype

This will be the first product of TusoAro means integration in Esperanto as it brings together all the conclusions reached with the research of the tuso project.

Aro is a device that guides people in city exclusively touching you and I’m still working on it to make it real.




Product Design, Development, APP



It was and it is being a real challenge doing high precision haptic in a small space. Aro is the result of a large series of prototypes that we use to validate options and engineer the best solution. Still working in trying to bring to market as we validate all hypothesis.

Advanced 3D printing

Aro is flexible and flexible prototypes are not trivial. In order to build fast concept I learnt how to make perfect flexible prints and moulding using silicones and polymers like TPU and TPE. 

Embedded system & App coding

To make test I co-designed an application and supervised the internal code of the device. 

Product design & Communication

Aro is not just a wristband or bracalet, is one of the first exclusive full-haptic concept. Touch-sense responds differently to sight, so we have taken special care to make the device comfortable and pleasant to the touch. In addition, its simplicity and the presence of tactile references make it compatible and easy to use for blind people.


Haptics is an unknown world for many and specially for a student. In order to understand it perfectly, I have conducted extensive research, tests and tests on blind people. On the other hand, the haptic market is also very peculiar and we continue to research and adapt to the challenges it poses.

Still in development

Prototype is under testing and validation. Also we’re looking for funding and projecting the strategy that will be carry out Aro. 

A long Journey...

Aro is the result of a long research and testing time. It inherit many features from Ganto, the alpha version shaped in a glove. 

Previous version

As it is shown in the video the concept of the product is evolving.