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Hello, I’m Alvaro a Creative Technologist  a full stack all around designer with endlessness mind

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If you want to change something, you may have to change yourself. 

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Humbleness, solidarity, responsibility, empathy and plurality are the main ingredients that every project should have.

Research & Strategy

Creativity & spontaneity

Engineer & Scientific minded


“ I want to be an Inventor ”

I told my mum

I’m Freelancer


Physical and digital creations

From scratch. Build your needs with full customisation to your identity and thoughts.


Brand, Identity & Business Model

I am enthusiastic about working with projects from their origin and I love working from the non-tangible to the tangible part. Get adapted to the market without losing your thoughts.


Coding, Apps, Servers and even Calculation

I like to face with the small and big sides, from embedded systems to Virtual private servers. Also I have engineer skills that I’m using for calculate structures, selecting proper materials or simulating models to validate it.